Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Intrepid Sand Monkey

Egypt's 'Day of Departure' protests have passed and Mubarak is still President. Key members of the regime have resigned but it will certainly not satisfy Egypt's protesters. Their clarion call has always been for Mubarak to step down. And therefore they will, quite fairly, suspect this latest move to be a delaying tactic.

Some opposition figures have started or supported negotiations with Egypt's vice-president, but the wisdom of doing this before they meet the the key demand of the protestors, is questionable. They run the risk of being sucked into a morass of endless 'negotiations'. While the protestors wither under the dessert sun, their resolve and morale weakening with each passing day. And then, this unique opportunity of a new beginning for a free Egypt, may perhaps, forever be lost. Which, some may fear, is the intent of the regime.

Western governments including the United States; while needing little more than a stable Egypt; feel compelled to support the aspirations of the Egyptian people, while fearing the possibility that all this will lead to some Islamist admistration coming to power. And so they tip-toe carefully.

The danger of an extended period of paralysis was also noted by Sand Monkey in his blog posting today. Constructively, he did suggest a way forward and I quote from his blog, "the Egyptian Unity Party will be an Umbrella party that promotes equality, democracy & accountability, without any ideological slants". He hopes to create an entity that will truly represent the aspirations of the protestors.

A battler in the frontlines, arrested and beaten but clearly uncowed, while faithfully updating his blog, Sand Monkey is an articulate, principled example of the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Egyptians who march for freedom.

We hope he succeeds in his endeavours.

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