Friday, February 11, 2011

Give Palani A Chance!

Some claim that Palani says absolutely nothing.
To these doubters, we would like to point out that this may very well be because he has, .... nothing to say.
When he does have something to say, he may.

Yet more accusingly point out that Palani has done absolutely nothing.
We are not disagreeing with them, but we would like to say, in his defence, that he may be saving his energies for his feud with Samy.
When he is done with that, he will see what he can do.
Unless another internal issue pops up.
We thank you for your patience.

Others wish hastily to conclude that Palanivel is particularly inept.
Well, while this is not something we can argue against, we urge you to look at the bright side.
He is not Samy Vellu.

"But he has done nothing for us" they complain.
"What has he done for us?" the same impertinent caviliers persist.
Why, nothing at all, of course.
Whatever did you expect?

So, vote for BN.

Give Palani a chance!

A chance to rob you blind.

You unstintingly gave it to Samy, after all.

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