Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Circus Comes To Town!

Excitement runs high in the usually quiet city of Kuantan today. The Circus has come to town! Travelling in, of all things, a Cabinet.

This Circus, as it emerges out of its Cabinet, has unusually remarkable performers. And do not be misled by appearances. While many of the performers seem somewhat overweight, and some are of particularly unprepossesing appearance, they can put up quite a show.

There are trapeze artists, who, despite losing their grip, swing miraculously on, much to the surprise of the audience.

Of Clowns, well, perhaps there really are too many for one circus.
They had to retire one recently, as he stopped being funny. But he has managed to revive his clownish career, though forced to limit his performances to India. Now he's agitating to get his son into the show. That way, he can go on and on.

We can't really tell who the Strong Man is, as all the performers claim to be him.

However, there is a Strong Woman. Who in a strength competition, lost to a child. We predict she will avoid The Child in future. For The Child has grown, and if she loses to The Child again; it will spell the end of her circus career.

No shortage of acrobats . And they are particularly thick-skinned fellows, for it bothers them not the least that they often fall flat on their faces. They just get up and unabashedly carry on.

Jugglers too. Some, it is said, who are so skilful that they can juggle several portfolios at one time. Doing an equally bad job on all.

There is no bearded woman in this circus but they make up for it with a Goateed Man, who makes for an equally freakish spectacle.

We can't say we like the ring announcer though, who provides the Information on all the shows. He has a terribly annoying habit of speaking through his teeth. And for some reason, he keeps trying to confiscate our laptops.

There is also The Man Who Used To Own An Island. He lost the Island because he did nothing. Then he joined the circus where we still have no idea what he does.

There are sideshows galore, even if the sideshow performers seem to do little other than try to cosy up to the main players. And quite happy to pay for the privilige, we are told.

In all this excitement, let us not forget the RingMaster. A Grand personage indeed. Few can grandstand like him. As we saw in the Special Performance the Circus put up in honour of the Malaysians returning from Egypt.

A happy day indeed for the people of Kuantan to be treated to this wondrous spectacle.

Though; not that we want to nitpick; but they really should improve the quality of their performances.

Yet who are we to comment, when the RingMaster seems content enough. We know this for a fact, as we have never seen him use his whip. Nor do any of the performers, or should we say non-performers, ever get fired.

We do have one fear however. For some inexplicable reason, the price of petrol usually seems to go up after one of their performances.

We really hope it won't happen this time.

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