Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Frightened Party

In yesterday's Sun, MIC's president, Mr.G.Palanivel, offered his first public response to the acquittal of A.Kugan's alleged assailant. 

MIC, he said, would 'review' the case.
Mr. Palanivel appears to treat A.Kugan's cruel death like the minutes of his last meeting. He will 'review' it.

MIC, would then, he lamely went on, 'write a letter to the IGP'.
And then, let me guess, wait for a return correspondence.
And then, ....write another letter.
Ad nauseam.

A weaker, more tepid or craven response is unimaginable.

He appeared to dismiss the call by some of his underlings for a Royal Commision of Inquiry. No, Mr.Palanivel will not take a stand. He will instead, squirm, slither and slide while trying to wriggle his way out of the situation.Why ruffle feathers, after all. Especially with the election coming.

I may be being too hard on Mr. Palanivel. The poor fellow may only be, as usual, carrying out instructions.

From their president's words, or lack of it, it is patently clear what MIC's response to the vicious, brutal beating and subsuquent death of A.Kugan will be.

They will do precisely nothing. And hope it all goes away.

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